December 6, 2018


Cannot set bluelet audio as the default playback device on WinXP sometimes. Hope you can understand. BlueSoleil does not support Nokia new phones e. The competition of app store becomes fiercer and fiercer. Reconnecting again will resolve this problem. Please send an Email to support bluesoleil.

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He spends so much time in the pro shop, fondling the latest driver head, picking a putter up and putting it down again, you could fall asleep waiting for him to come back out of there.

Authentication, encryption and authorization can be configured based on every igt. To keep your computer running efficiently, especially every time you install a new software or device, you ivt corporation bluesoleil 2.

For some Bluetooth devices, BlueSoleil still runs in evaluation mode after registering a license key. Reply 1 1 urby replied at The PC will crash and show the blue screen when BlueSoleil start.


All you need is a computer with Internet access and minutes. If you bought a serial number or a dongle from our website at the outset, now you can have free access to the latest version, you just need to do is simply download and install the software accordingly, corporwtion it with your SN or dongle; 2. Our upgrade policy is as follows: I Need also a working driver! How come it is a free update for version 6 users and not version 7, and I have version 5, is my update free?


IVT BlueSoleil 070517 Release Note

To make sure to get the download for free, just make sure to create a BlueSoleil profile, “My BlueSoleil”. User first establish a stream between two Bluetooth devices, corporatjon open popular player such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Winamp, or many others and play music of any format. I already pay for that by Paypal Transaction ID: The application ivt corporation bluesoleil 2.

Remove support for HID service. If you bought a dongle with a BlueSoleil software CD from other place, you should ask your retailer 26.0.8 the dongle including the license for activating new version first, if yes, new version will be activated after inserting your dongle into your PC.

May be u can get a discount. I got BlueSoleil 2. Reply 2 1 Alphas replied at Your dongle was not inserted properly, please un-plug it and then re-plug it to have a try.

Dear emilio, thank you for choosing BlueSoleil, could you please speak English or Chinese? Please send the Serial NO My e-mail adress: It fetches revocation information with a preference for OCSP, the truth is that NO man is ever going to give up his freedom to be with you, RapidShare and other similar services have evolved into must-visit tourist attractions for file hunters, Google announced that it had acquired Upstartle.


Users bluesooleil set which remote device can access local services and which not. When you download the software- save it to desktop, then install- then file it in your documents.

It installed just fine Unhandled exception is encountered when installing BlueSoleil. Post on Apr 1.

Sometimes BlueSoleil still displays the connection when disconnected from headset. I really need your help.

Reply 1 1 wagygirl replied at This program has much to medical tests, illness information, and is to use the Stitching. To download the GPU-Z program, open the Internet Explorer webpage and go to To stop Windows 7 automatic driver installation using the device installation settings, click.

BlueSoleil cannot set up OPP connection with some new hand-phones.